By train and bike to Elvas


By train and bike to Elvas

By Derek Emson

Hi. I am Derek Emson, and living in Aveiro at present. I retired eight years ago after being an English language teacher in the Czech Republic. Travelling has long been a passion for me, along with cycling and photography. I hope to inspire someone to discover the kind of freedom that this means of travel can give.

Portuguese trains are bike friendly, and free, which makes it pretty easy to visit more remote places without a car, and possibly a lot cheaper. However, this kind of trip does demand a certain amount of planning, but that’s all part of the adventure.

This is just one of many such trips I have done. Badajos was not so interesting but Elvas, high up on the hot plains of the Alentejo Region, is one of those places that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, or perhaps that is a blessing in disguise. I didn’t take so many photos as I was focusing on making a video with a GoPro camera mounted on the bike.

Elvas, a well deserved UNESCO World Heritage site, has a train station with a connection to Entroncamento in Portugal and Badajos in Spain. Entroncamento is the key and all trains from Lisbon (south) and from Porto (north) stop there. The three types of trains to use could be IC, Regional or Urban. Only on IC trains you do have to book a seat, and tell them you will have a bike. One other thing to remember is that over 65’s can travel half price.

Trains to Elvas

Directions to Elvas

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