National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest

Exodus Aveiro Fest 2017 credits: Exodus Aveiro Fest 2017

Another event for your calendar!

Aveiro is hosting, from 1 do 3 December 2017, the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest an International Travel and Adventure Photography and Filmmaking Festival.
The festival is going to take place at the Centro de Congressos de Aveiro and, in addition to photography exhibitions, the festival includes lectures to present works and portfolios, photography and travel video masterclasses. – [1]

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Article | Rota Vicentina – Fishermen’s Trail

A Trail smelling like the ocean

In the life of a Hiker it comes a time, almost inevitably, a tremendous will to embark on a great adventure. This comes with time, with the security that walked paths bring, and the need to overcome one’s limits. But it comes mainly from the urgency to extend the effect of the trails done before, when it is possible, when you can fit them in the race of life. That effect makes you stronger, balances, renovates, you don’t want to let it go but invariably it ends up fading away.

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Tasting Nature


Sat, Sun 10h-13h e 14h30-17h30 EN/PT/ES/FR 2-12 needs consulting

Venham connosco provar a Natureza

My husband and I started this project some years ago because we wanted to recover this land that belonged to my grandparents. Here we produce aromatic plants, that are original from the Iberan Peninsula, like Mastic Thyme. We produce other plants like Stevia, Calendula, and many more. We’d like to invite you to come and visit us and our plants, feel them, smell them, taste them, for example Stevia which is very sweet!

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Article | Visit to the Castle of Montemor-o-Velho

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We went for a drive up to the Castle of Montemor-o-Velho. We advise you to visit this mystic place, that witnessed a series of important events in the history of Portugal. It also has a superb view over the rice paddy plains of the Mondego margins.

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Article | By train and bike to Elvas

By Derek Emson

Hi. I am Derek Emson, and living in Aveiro at present. I retired eight years ago after being an English language teacher in the Czech Republic. Travelling has long been a passion for me, along with cycling and photography. I hope to inspire someone to discover the kind of freedom that this means of travel can give.

Portuguese trains are bike friendly, and free, which makes it pretty easy to visit more remote places without a car, and possibly a lot cheaper. However, this kind of trip does demand a certain amount of planning, but that’s all part of the adventure.

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Urban Art Tour

Ricardo Marques Martins

Mon-Sun 10h-18h EN/PT/ES 2-12 10€

Let’s take a walk and see paintings in the streets of Estarreja?

Since last year, Estarreja started to accept it’s Street Art culture and created ESTAU. For the ones in love with the still marginal and contemporary arts, here goes the invitation to come and see what’s best around here and, how knows, take a ride in a LongBoard!

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Article | Traditional Corn Threshing

Traditional Threshing – Macieira de Alcôba

Come and watch a traditional corn threshing, the way it was done in Portugal more than 50 years ago!

It’s next Sunday, the 24th of September, around 14h30, in Macieira de Alcoba, a small village in Águeda’s County.

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Article | Art Nouveau in Aveiro

We found some examples of Art Nouveau in Aveiro and made a map for you to find them out!
But there are many more, and even a museum dedicated to Art Nouveau in Aveiro.

We invite you to come and discover all these treasures and more.

Share your pictures with us on Instagram and on Facebook with the tags
#artenovaveiro #artnouveauaveiro #sharethefriendship #myfriendsinportugal

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A Floating Museum

Gustavo Madeira Barros

To be arranged To be arranged EN/PT/ES To be arranged To be arranged

Welcome aboard the Praia da Costa Nova Vessel!

This program consists in a touristic tour through the 57km of the Ria de Aveiro, away from the urban canals, in a very unique vessel, the only one to currently have the Certificate of the European Museum Academy.

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Article | Art and Travel

Art and travel – Forget the museums and the camera

by Jéssica Jacinto @


When the Art defines the travel route

What if art is a reason to travel? The artistic expression alone allows those who create it and receive it to travel, but sometimes the desire to bring it to the real world can outline a travel itinerary. Several artists have turned their travels into paintings or have purposely travelled to capture the colours and textures of a particular place.

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