A Floating Museum

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We’ll start by going trough the Canal das Pirâmides and then sail by some of Aveiro’s last operating salt flats. The program also includes a picnic in one of the Ria´s islet and some time for those who want to take a swim. Before we go back to Aveiro there is still time to pass by the old shipyards.

Gustavo Madeira Barros

fotograph of tour guide

Gustavo Madeira Barros is from Aveiro and has a great passion for boats and the Ria de Aveiro. He uses the Ria as a playground since childhood for all sorts of cool stuff. From diving to mud playing and from canoeing to wakeboarding, he did it all. He finds the Ria an excellent place to have fun, exercise and connect with nature in general.
In 2010 acquired the boat Praia da Costa Nova, that was originally built in 1945, and was the old boat that transversed from Aveiro to S.Jacinto. It took 3 years to rebuild the whole ship without depriving it of it’s original traces. For this reason it holds a certification from the European Museum Academy.


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