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We start with a visit to the market of Coimbra, to learn about the variety of the regional products and other traditional portuguese products, their history and the kind of dishes that can be prepared with them. After we buy the fresh products (which can range from cheeses, sausages, cod, fish, meat, vegetables and fruit), we’ll take a walk through the streets of Coimbra, passing by some of the oldest stores where complimentary products can be bought to enhance the cookings.
You will be taken through the flavours of Coimbra and it’s region, where you’ll have the chance, not just to watch the Chef prepare the dishes, but also to learn and taste the codfish, the regional cheeses and smoked products, obviously accompanied with delicious regional local wines.

João Quaresma

fotograph of tour guide

The interest in cooking doesn’t come from childhood, it began it’s growing until it got to the point where I realised I had to learn and train myself to be a real cook. Since then, I’ve done many things, and maybe the most meaningful was to travel around Europe promoting portuguese cooking, in a food truck.
For two months, I traveled through 20 european cities explaining the origins of our cuisine and cooking, not only to our emigrants, but also to the foreigners, to allow them to get a taste of portuguese products and cuisine.
My parents always had a farm, where I got used to see the products grow, which gave me this tool that is to value the local products that we have in Portugal and in this region.


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