River Sailing



The Ria is navigable throughout the year. In this northen branches there are some sailable areas, depending on the tide, where you can visit several piers with interesting stories to be told. Because it is a very ancient territory, very old, where many generations have passed, it is possible, knowing the places and the people, to always find a reason of interest, and we try to discover these stories to use them in the tour so that people actually perceive the character of the places. Sailing by itself would be attractive enough, but it will be even more interesting to visit the Ria and to learn about all these stories, these experiences of the places and of the people.

Hélder Ventura

fotograph of tour guide

Hélder Ventura is from Ovar and knows this territory since childhood. He has been involved with the boats, with the Arte Xávega, with the fishermen and with the stories about the Ria, all his life. With the passing years, he kept a deep connection with the sea and nautical activities, having done spearfishing in the river and sea, scuba diving, as well as other activities. Initially he wanted to be an oceanographer, but ended up becoming an architect. Meanwhile, he developed an interest in museology and noticed that in Aveiro more specifically in Ovar, there were some very interesting stories related with Recreational Boating and all the heritage built around it. Bearing this in mind, he and a group of friens decided to create an organization to register this facts and promote the attractivity and development of this reality.


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