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Whether you arrive to Estarreja by car or by Train, you’ll always have Ricardo waiting for you. The first stop of this program is to have a real portuguese coffee in one of the city’s best places for it. Next, on foot or on LongBoard, starts the tour to see the several masterpieces with which the city decorates itself. The beautiful paintings on the walls are a pleasure to watch! Enjoy them as you slide through the city and complement this lovely tour with the company of Ricardo and his stories. He will tell you everything you want to know about some interesting details of Street Art, of graffiti, tags, the wall of fame, and much more.

Ricardo Marques Martins

fotograph of tour guide

Ricardo was born in Estarreja and graduated from the University of Aveiro with a Masters in Design. He goes everywhere with his LongBoard, his beard blowing in the wind, he has even designed several real cool boards. He spends most of his time drawing and, when he is not drawing, he is most certainly dreaming of it. And, by the way, his beard is gorgeous!


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