National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest


National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest

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Aveiro is hosting, from 1 do 3 December 2017, the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest an International Travel and Adventure Photography and Filmmaking Festival.
The festival is going to take place at the Centro de Congressos de Aveiro and, in addition to photography exhibitions, the festival includes lectures to present works and portfolios, photography and travel video masterclasses. – [1]

“National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest is an International Travel and Adventure Photography and Filmmaking Festival with an ambitious mission – to open the doors of the world by gathering the best in the area to talk about their life, share their work and inspire. By opening the soul to the magic of discovery and exploration, it is also opening the heart to new cultures and new environments, closing the gap of the relation between Nature and Men.

This is the festival that inspires people to go, to wander, to dream and be free. Free of doubt, free of fear, free of prejudice, free of cultural and ethnic barriers. It’s a hymn to humanity and a homage to our planet. It’s the place where we make the world accessible to all, by sharing the best photography and video works on the subject.

We are talking about world renowned photographers and filmmakers that work regularly with prominent names like National Geographic, Time Magazine, Esquire, Red Bull, DJI and many others.

We will have presentations of works, portfolios and personal stories lived by highly talented and influent photographers and videographers; invaluable masterclasses for those seeking the opportunity to evolve and perfect their own craft of visual creation; and photo shows and galleries with heart stopping images that will inspire the audience to discover what lies beyond.

The word “exodus” can be defined as people on the move. Join us in the Exodus and be part of this global movement of creativity.” -[2]

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